Terms and conditions

Below you can find everything concerning Buzzador’s General Contract for Buzzadors, Purchasing Terms and Conditions and what you should keep in mind when you write a review. We know that this information can seem a little dull, but it is useful for you to read it at least once.

Buzzador’s General Contract for Buzzadors

By registering as a Buzzador, you enter into a contract with Buzzador AB in accordance with the following General Terms and Conditions for Buzzadors.

  1. The Buzzador receives free samples and information about various products from Buzzador AB.
  2. In some campaigns, Buzzadors may be offered the opportunity to purchase products at an attractive price. This is optional, and Buzzadors may choose whether they wish to participate in the campaign. When registering on buzzador.com, the Buzzador may choose to reject campaigns that cost money. For those campaigns where the member pays for the products, the Buzzador Purchasing Terms and Conditions are used in preference to these General Terms and Conditions for Buzzadors.
  3. Buzzadors should use the products, discuss the products with those around them and respond by completing an evaluation form in accordance with the instructions from Buzzador AB.
  4. The Buzzador concept is based on honesty. Buzzadors should be honest in informing the people they discuss the products with about their role as a Buzzador. It is recommended that Buzzadors begin their social media posts with “In association with Buzzador”, to make it clear to their followers that they are writing about the product as part of a campaign. Buzzadors should also communicate their own honest opinions of the products. Buzzadors should answer the evaluation form questions honestly and to the best of their ability.
  5. Neither the Buzzador nor Buzzador AB receives any remuneration or may raise any claims against the other party. Claims may not be raised against Buzzador AB, whether in respect of a product’s characteristics, nature or use, or for any direct or indirect damages caused by the products.
  6. The Buzzador’s participation is voluntary. The Buzzador receives information about new campaigns by email, and then chooses whether or not to sign up for the campaign. Buzzadors who, for whatever reason, are unable to complete and need to cancel an ongoing campaign must notify Buzzador AB.
  7. Buzzadors register and maintain their own personal information at buzzador.com. This information is used by Buzzador AB for selecting and proposing campaigns that are of interest to, and suitable for, the Buzzador. By registering personal data at buzzador.com, the Buzzador consents to Buzzador AB using information for that purpose and to Buzzador AB sending emails to the Buzzador. The Buzzador can always change or delete the data manually. Buzzador AB will never ask the Buzzador to leave sensitive personal data such as full social security numbers, credit card numbers, ethnic, political or religious information. Buzzador AB undertakes not to collect or record any information about Buzzadors other than address information (including IP address) in addition to the data registered by Buzzadors themselves.
  8. At registration, Buzzadors are requested to enter a unique user identity that cannot be traced to the Buzzador. A Buzzador must be at least 18 years of age.
  9. Buzzador AB undertakes not to disclose the Buzzador’s email address, details of the Buzzador’s identity or other personal information, and not to use the information for purposes other than those specified here.
  10. The answers the Buzzador leaves in the evaluation forms are used by Buzzador AB to develop the Buzzador concept, and data is submitted to Buzzador AB’s clients to contribute to the development of the client’s products and marketing. Information about the Buzzador’s identity is not released to Buzzador AB’s clients.
  11. Both the Buzzador and Buzzador AB have the right at any time to terminate the relationship without the other party raising any claims against the other. The Buzzador terminates the account/profile by notifying support@buzzador.com, which erases the data in the register of Buzzadors and confirms the deletion by email. The Buzzador user identity, however, will remain in Buzzador AB’s system.
  12. The Buzzador is responsible for any tax implications relating to goods, rewards and prizes obtained from Buzzador AB.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

All purchasing terms and conditions are specific to each country. Please refer therefore to the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish purchasing conditions.

For any specific enquiries, you can also contact Membership Services in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Things to keep in mind when you write a review

Write a review that helps others to make smart purchases

Remember that consumers want to read about the products from the user’s perspective. By giving them your opinions, you help others to decide whether the product would suit their needs and wishes.

Be honest and relevant

The concept of Buzzadors is based on honesty. Write as relevantly and objectively as possible. Try to describe the pros and cons of the product based on your experience of the product. Try to avoid using short descriptions of the product such as »good« or »bad«; try instead to say what is good or bad and let the reader know why you think so.

Be fair and objective in your reviews

Keep in mind that you are writing the review for others to read. Give the product scores based on your own opinion and do not let other people influence your review.

Instagram & Facebook Privacy Policy


In your buzzador profile you can accept our Instagram app to connect your Instagram profile. This gives us permission to see and fetch pictures posted with unique campaign hashtag during the specific campaign period. It also gives us permission to see how many follower you have on your Instagram profile. The main reason to accept our Instagram app is to give our customers the possibility to see what participants in the campaign think about their products in an easy way on our campaign URL.


In your buzzador profile you can accept our Facebook app to connect your Facebook profile. This gives us permission to see and fetch posts with unique campaign social keyword/hashtag during the specific campaign period. It also gives us permission to see number of friends on your Facebook profile. The main reason to accept our Facebook app is to give our customers the possibility to see what participants in the campaign think about their products in an easy way on our campaign URL.