About us

Ever since Eve first showed Adam the apple in the Garden of Eden, word of mouth has been the most natural way to influence each other. We’re always open to hear our friends recommendations.

Our idea is to let that force grow, to give people the chance to try products and share their experience with each other. Buzzing is just sharing your own honest opinion about products. You will write reviews ✏️ for other people to read and share your product experience in social medias.

Try new products before anyone else

We give our members the chance to try new products before anyone else. Often before they are even launched on the market. It can be everything from food, beauty products or why not the latest build in oven. It could also be digital services like e-books.  The products are either for free or to a significantly lower price.

The membership is free

It doesn’t cost a penny to become one of our members, or buzzadors as we call ourselves. As a member you and your friends can get the chance to try products for free. For each campaign you will get an invite, answer some simple questions and then you will get an answer if you can join the campaign or not.

Buzzing is fun

As a buzzador your mission is to try the products, share your experience and write a short final report. Some buzzadors use both text, pictures and movieclips while buzzing. It is so much fun 😀 to see all the creative ways to buzz. To unpack together, give your friends test products, catch the moment and buzz with friends are probably the best part of it all.

The buzz is out there

It is crazy, but we are now 400 000 buzzadors ❤️ just in the Nordic countries. Just regular consumers like you and me, with one thing in common. We trust friends recommendations opinions and reviews more than experts. Because your opinion is your’s, right?

Any questions?: Here you can find the answers. Or just send your question to hello@buzzador.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

About our webshop

It isn’t like any other. Here, you buy new products and pay for them with your opinions. Find out more about our webshop here.