What members ask us about

  • Inspiration

    Where can I find buzz tips from other buzzadors?

    Check out the hashtag #buzzador in social medias like Instagram or Youtube. To get buzz ideas you can always check out the current campaigns there or just google. Each campaign also has unique hashtags if you want to se what people are buzzing in a specific campaign. Follow other buzzadors on Instagram or have a look at their Youtube channels where they often buzz.

    Campaigns, applications and participating

    How do I apply for a campaign?

    We have two kinds of campaigns. BUZZ-campaigns are for free and you will have an invite sent to you. Deals-campaigns are for products that are too expensive to give away, so you buy them to a significant lower price. If you are selected to join a BUZZ-campaign you can find it among the other campaigns on your profile. You will also receive an invite by mail. If you think the product is interesting and wants to join the campaign you can apply to the campaign by answering a few simple questions.

    Why don’t I recieve more campaign invites?

    Our customers are looking for different kinds of target groups which means that all buzzadors won’t get invites to the same campaigns. To get an invite you have to fit the target group in for example age, sex, interest and so on. Therefore, always try to keep your profile updated so that we can send you invites to campaigns that we think will suit you.

    Do I have to accept all my invitations?

    It is always up to you if you want to take part of a campaign. If you don’t want to participate in a campaign you can just say No or ignore the invite, it will not affect the amount of campaign invites you will receive in the future.

    Which buzzadors will get selected to campaigns?

    It is important that the buzzadors who finally join the campaign suits the customers target group. Because of that the selection is made in two steps. When you get an invite and accepts it you will move on to step two. This is the part where you answer a few simple questions. If your answers suits the costumers target group you will have a chance to be part of the campaign. If we have more buzzadors that suits the campaign than we have products the buzz-points will be used as a final step in the selection. Buzzadors with high buzz-points will get the campaign, but it is far from every time we use the buzz-points.

    How will I know if I am selected for a campaign?

    You will receive an email with info if your part of the campaign or not. If you are part of the campaign you will also receive an email about when you will have your package. (If it is a campaign with test products) Because of this it is a good idea to use your private email. If you use your work email and switch jobs it is a bit hard for us to reach you.

    How do I leave a campaign?

    Everybody can change their mind, don’t worry about it. If you have joined a campaign and want to quit you have to contact our support. They will help you with everything.

  • Campaign types


    It costs absolutely nothing to take part in BUZZ campaigns. In return for taking part in a BUZZ campaign you test the product and tell us what you think about it. The idea is to write honest reviews and create a buzz among friends (offline) and in the social media (online).

    Once you are a member and have entered your profile in full, you can receive invitations to BUZZ campaigns. Once you have received an invitation it is up to you to choose whether or not you wish to take part. Having registered your interest in a BUZZ campaign, you will find out after a few days whether or not you have been selected to take part.

    The more complete your profile is, and the more active you are in the social media, the greater your chances of being invited.


    All members can take part in DEAL campaigns whenever they wish. Here, you have the chance to buy brand new products at a much reduced price in exchange for your opinions. You test the product, write an honest review about it and then share your opinions in the social media.

    Find out more about our webshop here.

    Your member profile

    How do I update my info?

    To update your info log in to your profile and click on ‘My story’. Remember to save your story when you are done.

    Why do Buzzador need my personal info?

    Info about family and interest are needed to match you and other buzzadors to campaigns. Our customers have different target groups. It is Buzzadors job to with the highest precision find the best suited buzzadors for the campaigns. That is why you have to have a completed profile to get invited to BUZZ-campaigns which are for free.

    Will I get spammed?

    Nope, we won’t give anyone your info. We will only send you emails that are necessary for our cooperation with you in campaigns.

    Will you give anyone my info?

    Never, we vill never give your info to anyone else.

  • The buzzador package

    When will I recieve my package?

    Info about your package will be sent to you by email when you get the notification that your part of a campaign.

    Where is my package?

    Packages that have a barcode can be tracked by a link. You will find the link if you log in to your profile, clicks on the campaign and then clicks on ‘Find my parcel’.

    What should I do if I dont recieve my package?

    You will know that the package is on it’s way when you get the confirmation email that you are part of the campaign. Packaged that have a barcode can be tracked by a link. You will find the link if you log in to your profile, clicks on the campaign and then clicks on ‘Delivery status’. You will receive a text message notification when your package is at your postal service office. If you think that it has taken too long and you cant find any info in the tracking link, send an email to support@buzzador.com and we will help you out.

    What if the products in the package are damaged?

    Send an email to support@buzzador.com and we will help you.

    Will I recieve a new package if anything have happened with my package?

    If anything have happened with your package contact our support and lett hem know. We often don’t have the possibility to send out a new package but we will help you reclaim your package.

    How will cold and frozen products be sent?

    Packages with cold or frozen products will often be sent to your door in a package with ice packs. Because of that it is important that you give us the info about your door code. If your not at home the package will be left at your door.

    What should I do if I can’t pick up my package?

    Get in contact with our support and we will help you to try find a solution.

    Can I keep the products that I try?

    In most of the campaigns you will receive products for you to keep and hand out to your friends. You can ofcourse keep them. In a few cases where the products are really expensive the products should be returned in the end of the campaign, but don’t worry. This will be clear in the campaign info.

    What should I do if I move?

    We can not edit the address after you have applied to the campaign. Make sure that you have the correct address info in your profile. If you are not sure which address will be correct at the day for the delivery ask our support about more info about delivery date.

  • Participate in a campaign

    What does it mean to buzz in a campaign?

    When you have read the campaign info online and the campaign folder that you find in your Buzzador package, use the product to get an opinion about it. Hand out test products to your friends and talk with friends and family about the product. During the campaign you can also make a review online. Go to the campaign on your profile and click on “buzz”. You can also make posts in social medias, remember to use the campaign hashtag to make it easier for others to find your post. We also often have a campaign challenge that we would love to see you participate in! When the campaign is coming to an end you will get an email that reminds you of the finalreport. You can always do your finalreport at the campaign page in your profile.

    What am I expected to do when I’m buzzing?

    To buzz is about spreading the word and get people to talk about the product. You should in your own way make your friends and other people aware of the product and share your opinions with them. To be able to do that you have to try the product yourself and read the campaign info so that you have interesting things to tell them.

    Should I tell people that I am a buzzador?

    Yes, you have to let people know that you are a buzzador. That is not a bad thing, people often think that’s exciting and understands that you have interesting things to tell.

    Do I have to tell only positive things about a product?

    To buzz is to tell people your honest opinion and discuss your experience with them. A bad product will risk bad buzz, you should never lie about your opinion. If you already in the invite think that you won’t like the product, it’s better to just skip that campaign.

    What should I do if i really don’t like the product?

    If you already in the invite know that you don’t like products of that kind or are allergic to some content in the product don’t join the campaign. If you don’t like the product or don’t feel confident buzzing it with others let out support know. It’s important both for us and the customers with direct feedback in those cases. If it’s a situation where you might not like the taste of the product you could always give it to a friend who might like it better.

    Should I do a finalreport even if I didn’t recieve my package?

    Let our support know that you havent recieved your package. Then go to your finalreport and answer the first question “Did you receive your package?” A “No” answer will give you your buzz points for the campaign but you don’t have to fill in the rest of the report.

  • Reporting

    How do I make the finalreport?

    When the campaign is close to it’s end you will get an email reminder to do the finalreport. Log in to your profile, go to the campaign and click on ‘Finalreport’.

    When is it time to do my finalreport?

    You will get info about the latest date to do your finalreport in the campaign info. You can also check the date on your campaign page when logged in. We always send a reminder email when it’s time to do the finalreport.

    How do Buzzador use the finalreports?

    The finalreports are used to collect as much info as possible about the buzzadors experiences and opinions of the product to our costumers. Your opinions are worth a lot and out costumers use them to improve products and inspire them to expand their product range in the future.

    What happens if I don’t do my finalreport in time?

    Do your final report as soon as you can. If we don’t receive your final report within a few days after last date for report you might not be invited to campaigns in the future. If you have any special reasons to why you can’t do your final report, just let our support know and we will help you.

    What should I do if the finalreport link doesn’t work?

    The most common reson is that you have already done the report. Check the status for the campaign in your profile and make sure that it’s not already reported. You could always try another browser or gadget and see if that works. If you need help, contact our support.

    How much should I write in the open answer question fields?

    We dont have any restrictions for that. It’s more important to think about what you want to tell the customer about their product. Have in mind that a product manager will read what you write. If your answear don’t fit in the field, send an separate email to our support and they will make sure that the customer get the info. Everything is of course anonymous.

    Why do I have to do the final report?

    That is our chance to see that you have done your mission as a buzzador and collect your opinions about the product and give them to our customer.

  • Recruiting new buzzadors

    Will I get buzz points if I recruit buzzadors?

    When someone get registrered and write your name as recruiter you can see them in a list on your profile. You will then get buzz points for each recruited Buzzador.

    How can I recruit buzzadors?

    Go to ’Recruit’ in your profile. You can then invite a friend by typing in their e-mail address, if you want to invite more than one person, remember to use semicolon (;) between the e-mail addresses.

  • Being a buzzador

    What am I expected to do as a buzzador?

    As a buzzador you can participate in campaigns by buying products or by getting invites to BUZZ-campaigns where you get products for free. When you participate you should

    • try the product yourself,
    • write online reviews about the product and
    • write a final report.

    How much time does it take being a buzzador?

    It don’t have to take much time at all, it’s always up to you how you like to buzz. To try the product, hand out test products to friends and fill in the final report are the only mandatory parts. We want to inspire you to buzz in social medias and participate in campaign challenges but that’s not mandatory at all.