Philips 55” Performance Series TV summary

In July-August (2019) 29 buzzadors in Sweden, Norway and Finland got the possibility to test a Philips 55” Performance Series TV (model: 7304/12) and review it. After the campaign the buzzadors were asked to answer if they would recommend the TV and the result was 100% of the buzzadors would recommend 7304/12!

Get ready for great image quality, even when you’re streaming, thanks to the world’s best image processor – P5. With Android TV, you also get extremely smooth navigation, content and games whenever you want and voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
You also get Ambilight which fills the room with an engrossing glow that responds to what’s happening on the screen. You only have to experience it once to never want to be without.

The task of the Buzzador:
– Test the TV and all its functions such as music, apps, games etc.
– Write honest reviews online
– Buzz about the TV in their social media accounts and use the hashtags
#PhilipsPerformanceSeries @Philipstelevision #buzzador

Here you can read some of the reviews from Philips own website:




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  • 4.5 average rating
  • 4 reviews posted
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