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We are now looking for 300 buzzadors who want to take part in testing ColdZyme® mouth spray in exchange for sharing their experiences and opinions on their social media.

Use ColdZyme as soon as you notice the first symptoms of a cold. Do you have early symptoms such as a scratchy sore throat or sneezing and a headache? You can reduce the severity and duration of your cold symptoms if you start spraying ColdZyme immediately.

ColdZyme is a mouth spray that treats and alleviates common colds. It is easy to use and works quickly. ColdZyme forms a protective barrier against common cold viruses in the mouth and throat, which is where cold viruses take hold and multiply.

• ColdZyme can help shorten a cold by up to 3.5 days if used at the first symptoms of the infection
• Alleviates cold symptoms and can soothe sore throat
• Can also help protect against cold viruses when you are exposed to them
• Can be used by adults and children from 4 years
• Menthol taste

ColdZyme – Terms and conditions

1. You will receive 5 packs of ColdZyme mouth spray 7 ml.

2. Share at least one post on social media about the mouth spray. Use the tags #ColdZymeBuzzUK #ColdZyme #buzzador. Also remember to start all your posts with “In collaboration with @coldzymeuk”. The three best pictures win a kit with ColdZyme products.

3. Write a review about ColdZyme on your buzzador profile

4. Answer the questions in the final report and the questionnaire from ColdZyme when you have completed your assignment.

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