Buzz points and profile badges

You earn buzz points by taking part in and completing campaigns. Your buzzador activity level can also be seen among your profile badges. But what actually counts towards this? We’ll explain here.

Personal invitations

Basic information

This is how you open your profile to personal campaign invitations. Once you’ve done this we know that you’re open to receive buzz campaigns, where the products are free.

  1. Profile > My story > About me: Enter your name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, home address for receiving packages and mobile number for SMS notifications.
  2. Profile > My story > Things I enjoy: Enter at least two interests.
  3. Profile > My story > Social media: The more social media you add, the greater your chances of receiving invitations.
  4. Save your profile once you’ve finished.

Adding to your profile

Once you’ve added all the information, interests and social media to Profile > My story you’ve maximised your opportunities as a buzzador. The more complete your story is, the more you’ll be helping us to send you interesting enquiries.

Buzz points

You gain buzz points when you add to your profile and carry out other activities on ? Fairly soon you’ll reach 2 000 buzz points; after that, it’s a bit further between the steps. You advance by taking part in campaigns and by finishing them off tidily – for example, by submitting your final reports on time.

Your buzzador status

Buzzta Mover

Membership level 4. You’ve just become a member and taken your first steps as a buzzador. Or you’ve been a member for a long time and take part infrequently.

Buzzing Ace

Membership level 3. You’re comfortable in your buzz shoes and starting to become an experienced buzzador. You’re active, inquisitive and know what’s going on.


Membership level 2. You’re one of those who buzz often and regularly. You recruit friends and are socially more active than most.

Buzzmaster Zupreme

Membership level 1. You’re a social media star and a very active buzzador, with a fully completed profile. You’ve a blog and your own YouTube channel with many followers and fans.

Profile badges

As you go along updating your profile, buzzing and gaining buzz points you’ll unlock your profile badges. The number of unlocked profile badges is also evidence of the status you’ve earned as a buzzador.

For certain campaigns, we’re looking for the most accomplished buzzadors, in which case the number of unlocked profile badges will play a part. In total, there are 11 profile badges that you can unlock through your activities. However, you don’t by any means need all the profile badges to get involved.

  • Member since 2010-05-27

Welcome! Your first profile badge is unlocked when you become a member of Buzzador. You’re then a Buzzta Mover and start at membership level 4.

  • Facebook connected

Proof that you’ve linked your Buzzador profile to your Facebook account. Important for increasing your chances of receiving personal invitations.

  • Instagram connected

You’ll unlock this profile badge when you link your Buzzador profile to your Instagram account. Important for increasing your chances of receiving personal invitations.

  • Twitter

Obtaining this profile badge means that you’ve entered your Twitter name and number of followers.

  • I’m a blogger, yes I am

And this is where you’ve a blog and have entered your website address, what the blog is about and the number of visitors.

  • Youtube channel

A profile badge that indicates that you’ve entered the web address of your own YouTube channel.

  • Friends recruited

Profile badge once you’ve enlisted friends and at least one of them has accepted.

  • buzz points earned

Profile badge for your first 2 000 well-earned buzz points. 😀 This means that you’ve raised your status by one membership level and are clearly a Buzzing Ace.

  • buzz points earned

Profile badge for 5 000 earned buzz points. ? You’ve reached the second-highest membership level in the galaxy of buzz talents and become an experienced Buzzmaster.

  • buzz points earned

Profile badge for no less than 10 000 points! Now you’ve gained the highest status possible for a buzzador. ? The title of Buzzmaster Zupreme. This means that you can receive special enquiries that are granted to the select few only.