About our webshop

This is the webshop where you pay using your opinions. You will find some exceptionally good DEALS as reviews count as currency. We are not primarily after your money but rather what you think about the products you receive.

Buy brand new products

We have agreements with some of the world’s biggest brand names. The products in our webshop are always among the cream of the range from each brand. Sometimes there are products that have not yet been launched on the market, so you can be the first to get hold of them. Of course, all the products are new and in their original packaging. All warranty rules apply as with any other new product.

At reduced prices

Compare with other stores and webshops. You will soon notice that our prices are lower. So what is the catch? Well, the thing is that the rules of play here are different. First you pay a small amount in normal money using your payment card. You become a member of Buzzador and usually have the goods sent to your doorstep at home – and always without any postage and packing charges. Here there are no hidden fees at all.

Pay using your opinions

Now we come to the whole idea with this. In return for buying the product at a very much reduced price you must test it and write a review. This is what we call buzzing. We do not guide you in your opinions – your review should be completely honest and transparent. You should even say that you are a buzzador and that you have paid a reduced price.

Sounds like a good DEAL?

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