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Everyday Authentic Influencers

Buzzador is the largest player in Europe when it comes to Influencer Marketing using everyday authentic consumers as a channel. Over a period of ten years we have developed a scalable method with measurable results.


We create campaigns using Europe’s largest network of Everyday Authentic Influencers in the Nordic market. Nowhere else but here you can reach as many influencers!


You have guaranteed reach, as our influencers are linked to us via their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our customers like the fact that we can create fast and widespread reach.


We have unique partnerships with Prisjakt and BazaarVoice in the Nordic countries. You will have reviews on the right platforms to catch the attention of online consumers.


Our data flows are measurable in real time thanks to our own advanced IT systems and links to Instagram, Facebook, Prisjakt, BazaarVoice and other sites.

Some of our customers

Our buzzadors

Working with the Nordic region’s largest network
of local natural talent

Our phenomenal buzzador influencers share
their stories about your products. They share
personal pictures and reviews on their own
networks. Completely transparent and often
with a creative touch. Collectively we are
the largest influencer network in Europe
of everyday authentic consumers.


buzzadors in the Nordic region


buzzador influencers with linked Instagram and Facebook accounts


average number of followers


total reach

* With linked Instagram and Facebook accounts

Your options

Unpaid opinions from ordinary people with the highest credibility

Paid opinions from celebrities with scripted content

Credibility is crucial when you opt for Influencer Marketing

“More than eight out of ten say that they completely or partially trust recommendations from friends and family. However, credibility is not limited to just the innermost circle of friends. Two out of three say that they trust online reviews.”

Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising, 2015

“8+ product reviews makes businesses see significant gains in natural search traffic (SEO)”

Source: BazaarVoice Conversation Index, Volume 8

“ The future of Influencer Marketing is more about the influencer’s audience than about the
influencer themselves!”

Source: Pär Thunström, CEO and Founder Buzzador

Real consumers equal trust!

Recommendations from people I know

Product reviews online

Ads in magazines

Ads in daily papers

TV ads


Sponsored content in Social Medias

Search engine ads

To what extent do you trust the following forms of advertising?

Answer: Trust completely / Trust somewhat.

Source: BuzzadorINDEX, Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland, 29,780 respondents


Convert using reviews
from consumers who have
actually tested the product

54% of online shoppers read online reviews before purchasing. The corresponding figure for those shopping in physical stores is 39%, according to BazaarVoice. Our collaboration with Schibsted’s Prisjakt and BazaarVoice in the Nordic countries gives you premium position in posting reviews at the right places and on search engines.

The products

Everyday Authentic Influencers at work

All our campaigns generate organic reach through the social media accounts of our Everyday Authentic Influencers. You have a measurable digital footprint for Instagram and Facebook. You also receive a recommendation stamp to display your campaign results in TV ads or shops, for example. After completion of a campaign your product will gain extra media attention through our advertising on Facebook.


Buzz campaigns are primarily for
fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
Your product gains credible content and
measurable, organic reach through private
social media accounts on Instagram and
Facebook. Campaign activity can be followed
up using a specially created campaign site,
to which we link our buzzadors’
Instagram and Facebook flows.


Ratings & Reviews campaigns are for products that require both reach on social media and credible opinions and reviews online. Our unique partnership with Prisjakt in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and with BazaarVoice (global market leader for online reviews) guarantees reviews where online shoppers want them.


We work with dedicated Instagrammers. You will find almost 75,000 posts under our official hashtag. This is far more than any of our competitors. Want to get an overall picture of the huge scale of Buzzador? Check out #buzzador on Instagram.

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