What can Buzzador give you?

Social media buzz

Ratings & Reviews

Micro Influencer

11 3978

Posts under #buzzador on Instagram

2 162

Number of Campaigns


Trust recommendations from someone they know (BuzzadorINDEX 2016, SE/NO/DK/FI, 29780 respondents)


Conversion lift for brands and retailser who make consumer generated content available to shoppers (www.bazaarvoice.com/press/bazaarvoice-introduces-shopper-experience-index-2018/)


Increase in number of Buzzador campaigns between 2016 and 2017

Authentic vs. paid

Authentic opinions from ordinary people with the highest credibility.
Paid opinions from celebrities with scripted content.

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+3 million members

present in 17 countries across Europe

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The campaign process

1. Invite

Information and invitation about campaign to database in relevant country. Unique campaign URL with collected content. Facebook advertising boost

2. Select

Screening of target group. Distribution of products

3. Buzz/Review

Buzzadors share their product experience on own social media accounts and blogs. Posts of Rating & Reviews. Campaign #

4. Result

User generated content (UGC). Stamp of recommendation. Campaign reach report. Market research (optional). Measurable KPI:s


Stamp of recommendation

Every campaign we do generate organic reach through the social media accounts of our members. Except from that, each member must answer a question if they would recommend the product they have tested at the end of the campaign period. This gives you a Stamp of Recommendation. This score can be used for unlimited time to display your campaign result in trade material, digital banners and other media activities.

How do our customers use the stamps?

In their own social media channels.

Printed on packages or ads.

In digital ads, commercials etc.

Frequently asked questions

What is Buzzador?

Buzzador work with non-paid, 100% authentic everyday people creating social media buzz and rating & reviews for products and services across Europe.

Are the members being paid to participate in a campaign?

Buzzador has never paid anyone to participate in a campaign. Everyone that is a member of Buzzador and join a campaign do this on a voluntary basis.

Why do people buzz without getting paid?

Our members join campaigns because they think it is fun to test and evaluate new product. This creates genuine authentic content instead of getting social media posts by people that have been paid to buzz.

What products and services can be activated by Buzzador?

Buzzador do campaigns within FMCG to expensive durable goods as well as digital services.

What is organic reach?

Organic reach is reach generated by regular people without them getting paid to do something. For example when someone makes a post on Instagram, the organic reach is the number of followers that person has

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We are Buzzador!

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to give us a call or send a mail. We are excited to hear from you!


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CEO & Head of Sales

The sales team

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Key Account Manager

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Head of Influencers

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Client Manager
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The operations team

Daniel Olausson
Chief Operating Officer

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Digital Campaign Manager
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