Frequently asked questions

What is Buzzador?

Buzzador work with non-paid, 100% authentic everyday people creating social media buzz and rating & reviews for products and services across Europe.

Are the members being paid to participate in a campaign?

Buzzador has never paid anyone to participate in a campaign. Everyone that is a member of Buzzador and join a campaign do this on a voluntary basis.

Why do people buzz without getting paid?

Our members join campaigns because they think it is fun to test and evaluate new product. This creates genuine authentic content instead of getting social media posts by people that have been paid to buzz.

What products and services can be activated by Buzzador?

Buzzador do campaigns within FMCG to expensive durable goods as well as digital services.

What is organic reach?

Organic reach is reach generated by regular people without them getting paid to do something. For example when someone makes a post on Instagram, the organic reach is the number of followers that person has.

What is user generated content?

User generated content (UGC) is content created by users of a product and is often used as content to paid social media campaigns. It can be pictures, films, testimonials.

Why should I have a “stamp of recommendation”?

In each campaign we ask the participating buzzadors if they would recommend the product they have tested. This gives a score to a stamp of recommendation which is something many of our customers use in banner advertising, on product packaging and other types of media activities to enhance their products/campaigns and show that other consumers recommend their product.

What is a Buzzador Everyday Authentic Influencer/Micro Influencer?

An Everyday Authentic Influencer is a member to our network. A Buzzador Micro Influencer is a member of Buzzador that has +1000 followers on his/her instagram account. These members have a verified and connected account to instagram and can be selected for a campaign during a longer period of time and try a range of products instead of one SKU.

When in a product life cycle should I book a campaign?

Different buzzador campaigns suit different parts of product life cycle. Call us and we are happy to have a meeting discussing which activity that would be most suitable for your challenges.

What is a buzz-campaign?

In a buzz campaign the KPI is normally to generate as much social media engagement as possible in chosen channels. Normally buzz campaigns are booked for FMCG products.

What is a ratings & reviews campaign?

A ratings & reviews campaign has normally focus on generating a certain number of reviews for a number of SKU:s to selected websites. The social media engagement is a bonus in these campaigns and normally not the main priority.

How is a campaign measured?

Campaigns are measured with our members’ digital footprints, their reviews as well as answers they give in the final report of the campaign.

Can I get reviews on my own product site and/or selected e-retailers?


Does reviews on my product site improve the SEO?

Google love fresh content from separate IP-addresses. Reviews are exactly this, so yes, reviews improves SEO.

Is a review authentic when it has been tested/received for free?

When someone receive a product for free in exchange to writing a review it is called an incentivised review. With incentivised reviews it is important that others can see that it has been tested for free and is an honest review. As long as our members are transparent and honest it will show others that they are authentic.

Can Buzzador help creating post-campaign material for other media activities?

Yes! We can collect nice pictures and quotes from the campaign creating banners and films for advertising. Contact us for quote and examples. Contact Us

How much does a campaign cost?

As we have many different types of campaigns with different numbers of participating buzzadors (sometimes including distribution and sometimes not), as well as how many campaigns you want to book, it is very difficult to give a estimate of how much a campaign cost. Best is to contact us and we give you a quote depending on what you are looking for. Contact Us