We read Minds, here are the answers

We are an agency with ordinary people, we drink coffee and sometimes we miss the bus. But we also work with cool stuff during the day. We create Social Media Buzz and Ratings & Reviews for products using the World’s most credible media channel – the Consumer! And we’re actually really great at doing this.

This is easy! And so much fun! A buzzador is a member who gets invited to participate in campaigns to create buzz for all kind of products. For example FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) products and ratings and reviews for electronics. The buzzadors show off their product experience on their Instagram feed/on review sites and they also get the opportunity to join client events.

We know exactly what suits you. That’s why we have four cool campaign types for different purposes. Buzz, Micro influencers, Events and Ratings & Reviews. Read more about them here.

We want the campaign to get the best results as possible. To get these awesome results we use screening in accordance to the customer’s target group criteria.

We know it might sound complicated. But it’s not! Here’s is an easy explanation: Organic reach is the number of followers that potentially have seen a post that has been posted on social media. To make it even more clear – when someone makes a post on Instagram, the organic reach is the number of followers that person has. User generated content (UGC) is content created by users of a product and is often used as content to other media campaigns. It can be pictures, films, testimonials etc. Easy right?

Well, no. In most cases members are not being compensated with any money to participate in a campaign, but they do get a product. When a product has a value of 1000 SEK or more, the member gets to try the product during the campaign period. After the campaign period a member can choose to purchase the product for a discounted price or return it for free. And on top of that, the income from all sold products we donate to the Swedish Children Diabetic Fund.