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Buzzador's General Contract for Buzzadors

By register as a Buzzador you enter into a contract with Buzzador AB in accordance with the following general terms and conditions for Buzzadors:

1.The Buzzador receives free samples and information about various products from Buzzador AB.

2.The Buzzador may in some campaigns be offered to purchase products to an attractive price. This is optional and the Buzzador can choose whether he/she wants to participate in the campaign. When registering on the Buzzador can choose to renounce campaigns that cost money. For those campaigns where the member pays for the products the Buzzador Purchasing terms and Condition are used with preference to these general terms of Buzzadors.

3.The Buzzador should use the products, discuss the products with people in their surroundings and respond to an evaluation form in accordance with the instructions from Buzzador AB.

4.The concept of Buzzador is based on honesty. The Buzzador should honestly inform the people he/she discuss products with his/her role as a Buzzador. The Buzzador must also communicate his/her own honest opinion about the products. The evaluation form should also be answered honestly and in the best ability by the Buzzador.

5.Neither a Buzzador nor Buzzador AB receives any remuneration or can target any claims against the other party. Claims can neither be directed against Buzzador AB for a products characteristics, nature or use, nor for direct or indirect damages caused by the products.

6.The Buzzadors participation is voluntary. The Buzzador receive information about new campaigns by e-mail, and then choose to sign up or not for the campaign. If the Buzzador for any reason cant complete and need to cancel an ongoing campaign he/she needs to notify Buzzador AB.

7.The Buzzador register and maintain his/her own personal information at This information is used by Buzzador AB for selecting and proposing campaigns which are interesting and suitable for the Buzzador. By register personal data at, the Buzzador allows Buzzador AB to use information for that purpose and that Buzzador AB sends e-mail to the Buzzador. The Buzzador can always manually change or delete the data. Buzzador AB will never ask the Buzzador to leave sensitive personal data such as full social security numbers, credit card numbers, ethnic, political or religious duties. Buzzador AB commits not to collect or record any other information about the Buzzador than address information (including IP address) in addition to data the Buzzador him-/herself register.

8.At registration, the Buzzador are requested to enter a unique user identity that cannot be traced to the Buzzador. A Buzzador must be at least 15 years of age.

9. Buzzador AB undertakes not to disclose the Buzzadors email address, details of the Buzzador's identity or other personal information and not to use the information for purposes other than those specified here.

10.The answers the Buzzador leaves in the evaluation forms are used by Buzzador AB to develop the Buzzador concept and data is submitted to Buzzador ABs clients to contribute to the development of the client's products and marketing. Information about the Buzzador's identity is not being released to Buzzador ABs clients.

11.Both the Buzzador as well as Buzzador AB have the right at any time to terminate the relationship without the other party making any claims against the other. The Buzzador terminate the account/profile by notifying that erases the data in the register of Buzzadors and confirms the deletion by email. Buzzador user identity, however, will remain in Buzzador AB's system.

12.The Buzzador is responsible for tax consequences of goods, rewards and prizes obtained from Buzzador AB.